About Us

Mission and Values

At Tonic Bioventures, we leverage early regulatory and clinical development expertise to identify, validate and advance breakthrough drugs and medical technologies that can transform the lives of patients, while reducing healthcare costs and time to market.

Our Approach

By starting with big ideas and fostering collaboration with a team of experts and advisors in science, medicine, business operations and strategy, we set out to do more than funding startups – we provide the tonic to build sustainable, innovative companies that can transform the lives of patients.

Our 5-Step Approach

We Invest in Life Science Assets with an Approach that Reduces the Most Common Investment Risks

1.   Discover

We identify true innovation from high-impact science and technology

2.  De-Risk

We leverage science and experience to guide clinical translation and regulatory approval

3.  Shape

We create the right business model, defined by and managed by an experienced Operating Partner

4.  Strengthen

We efficiently mature the technology utilizing on demand services

5.  Exit

We provide ready access to corporate strategics, creating multiple liquidity opportunities

Our portfolio spans a spectrum of investment approaches from asset-centric product plays to big science product platforms.

Entrepreneurial Process is our How


We harness science to navigate transformational outcomes in healthcare that benefits the patients we serve.


We leverage CSSi LifeSciences CRO for leading scientific, regulatory and managerial talent for our portfolio companies to help them create best in class teams.


We guide our venture operators in the exploration and validation of proprietary platform opportunities across multiple therapeutic areas.


We create and provide each NewCo with an ecosystem and the resources that focuses on accelerating new product development, while mitigating risks, time and costs.


Grow each NewCo and exit to strategic partners or attract investors to grow and transform NewCo.


As primary resource providers and principal owners of NewCo’s we take full responsibility for their success.

We aim to deliver extraordinary returns by creating the world’s most innovative and valuable life sciences companies.